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  • Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant's Past Series Book 1
    Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant's Past Series Book 1
    by Susan Violante


I Have Something To Say Press' Mission is to promote the sharing of life lessons through story telling by focusing our publishing efforts to produce a high quality product, as well as facilitating workshops to independent authors to help them develop marketable books with the currently available tools.

Our goal is to discover unknown authors with life lessons to share through story telling. We are not a self-publisher in any way, shape or form. We are a new publishing model. A hybrid between Traditional publishing, Print On Demand and Indie.

We provide services to writers to help them navigate the maze of today's evolving Publishing Industry and create a platmform.  Meet our team!

For more information check out the Services Tab.

We publish the winner of the I Have Something To Say manuscript contest as well as manuscripts scouted by ourselves. We do not accept open or agented submissions, so please do not send us your manuscript.

Our Manuscript Contest is now open!



Thanks to the Internet and the Print On Demand technology has opened the doors to many for sharing their stories through publication. Anyone can now become an Independent Publisher by using the tools available on websites such as,,, just to name a few. Others, like myself, choose to go the Print On Demand route through companies like Xlibris, Authorhouse and Outskirts Press. But what we all independent authors do is venture to the publishing world without knowing anything about it. My own experiences as an Independent Author is what prompted me to create I Have Something To Say Press.

My commitment is to not just get out there stories that will teach life lessons but to make sure that the door that technology has opened allowing me as a reader to read what I wish instead of compromising to what an Agent or Editor decided was marketable stays open.

Granted, I do not possess the funds or manpower to publish everyone's stories, but through Manuscript contests judged by  reviewers, a realistic publishing contract favorable to both,  me as a publisher and the contest winner as the Author, and affordable workshops facilitated to Independent Authors, I believe my commitment to be obtainable. 

So if you have something to say, and want to say it through publishing click here for our contest guidelines!