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    Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant's Past Series Book 1
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Book Review of American Street Mack: Based on a True Story by Shwakeem De La Soussa

Book review first published by Reader Views

American Street Mack: Based on a True Story
Shwakeem De La Soussa
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781481730921
Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (5/13)

Shwakeem De La Soussa’s book, “American Street Mack,” is based on the true story of his life of survival. As a young boy, he and his younger brother were placed in foster care where the foster parents cared only about collecting government money, not for the well- being of the two young boys.

Growing up, the messages Shwakeem received were “You are not important, the money is what is important.” Shwakeem made his way through high school by participating in social events, sports and even being required to attend church (although his foster parents didn’t attend church very often).

He attended college with the help of government assistance but that did not cover all his other living expenses. By observing and schmoozing young, hot, naïve college girls, Shwakeem began making money by selling pizzas delivered by his hot “chicas.” The pizzas were only five bucks but the “delivery girls” would do extra favors for big tips.

Shwakeem evolves himself into being a full-blown pimp for young college women who want to earn more money than working at a grocery store or some other low paying retail job. By promising these women a lot of money for less hours and having sex (something they like already), he easily convinces them to come and work for him.

The book is very short and is filled with many pictures of scenery, musicians, money and several beautiful women, mostly from Brazil. I would have liked the author to have included captions along with the photos so the reader can identify who or what places they are looking at.

Additionally, I found the grammar and sentence structure for this book to be very poor. The punctuation and words that are not spelled correctly in the proper context is apparent throughout the book. I think some more effort could have been put into proper editing.

The author only describes his childhood with a total of two pages. I would have liked to have read more details on the struggles Shwakeem and his brother faced while growing up in foster care.

“American Street Mack” by Shwakeem De La Soussa seems to have the seeds of potentially being a great story but the lack of content and poor grammar make it fall far short of what this book could have been.

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