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  • Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant's Past Series Book 1
    Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant's Past Series Book 1
    by Susan Violante


Meet The Team:

Susan Violante – Managing Editor
I was born and raised in Venezuela from Immigrant parents, and came to the US after obtaining a BA in Political Science, and Business Administration. Although I built a career as a Business Analyst/Accountant, I also kept active as a freelance writer since 1996 publishing little stories, articles and even Illustrations. It wasn’t until I got my father’s five tapes that I actually thought about writing and publishing a book. Innocent War, which obtained Hollywood Book Festival 2009 Honorable Mention, and made #16 in Cyrus Webb’s Conversations Book Club Top 50 Non-Fiction Titles for 2009, was self-published in April 2009.
Self-publishing having no knowledge of the Industry was very challenging, frustrating and in many occasions disappointing. It was this experience that inspired me to instruct myself by taking the position of Editorial Assistant at Reader Views before I decided which way to go. Out of trial and error, I decided to publish the revised edition of Innocent War while learning but it was helping other authors surf through publishing, marketing and publicizing their books that inspired me to establish my own publishing and platform builder Company. I discovered these past few years that I love helping others share their life lessons through their stories as much as I love sharing mine!

  Michel Violante-IT Support
I was born and raised in Bari- Italy, and moved to Venezuela at 14 where he finished a BA in Computer Science. I came to the US in 1982 and completed a MIS Masters Degree. I currently work supporting Supply Chain IT Operations for mayor retail corporations.  I am also a book worm and sports addict so I dedicate my free time helping out with I Have Something To Say Press’ IT needs.



Maria Juliana Leal – Belloso – Spanish Translator/Radio Co-Host for upcoming Spanish Show and Merchandising Partner (Tuma Designs)
I was born and raised in Venezuela where I obtained a degree in pre-school Education, and worked as a freelance English translator. I retired after a couple of years from the Education field and started my 20 year career in the Airline industry which brought me to the US. Four years ago I retired from the Airline Industry and went back to my translator roots, and now work as a Spanish translator in Austin. I enjoy reading, crafting, and spending time with my family so partnering up with I Have Something To Say Press  for all the Spanish productions and upcoming merchandizing venture (Tuma Designs) was the next natural step for me. I look forward to the release of our first Spanish translation project coming soon: La Inocente Guerra


 Maria Cristina Lanzi – Italian Translator
My name is Cristina and I was born and raised in Italy, where I lived and studied until 2009 and where all of my family and friends still reside. I studied foreign languages and literatures at the University of L’Aquila but, between my sophomore and junior years of college, I realized that what I really wanted was a major in translation studies and, why not, a master as well! Once I finished graduate school, I made the decision to move abroad and the first step was to go to the UK where I majored in English at the University of Cambridge.

That first experience provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, both in my professional and personal life. In fact, when I was there, I applied as a teaching assistant in France and, when unexpectedly I got the position, I moved to a small village in northern France where I taught Italian in middle and high schools. The year I spent in France didn’t meet my personal needs, but it gave me the amazing opportunity to get in contact with Colorado College, who offered me a position as an Italian instructor and Cultural Program Coordinator. So once again, I left France and I moved to the US to teach Italian in a great College, which I have done for the past two years and will do for the year to come!!!

At Colorado College I have been lucky enough to meet Susan and her beautiful family, who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to join her “I have something to say press” team as an Italian translator, and I will always be grateful for her trust. But none of my experiences would have been possible without the continued support of my family, friends and educators that have allowed me to embrace my dreams.


Maria Fabiana Assenza- Illustrator/Cover Designer
In 2011, Fabiana graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Miami, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts and Masters of Theory History and Criticism of Art and Design at Pratt Institute. During her undergraduate studies, Fabiana participated in study abroad programs in Rome, Stockholm, and Lyon for exposure to diverse cultures and architectural styles, which influenced her perceptions of design and prompted intrigue within other branches of design.

Fabiana’s inherent alacrity for visual arts has earned her various awards including First Place in The Artist Behind the Architect Contest, the Michele Edelson Award in Photography, Second Place in the IEEP Study Abroad Photography Contest, and Honorable Mentions and Finalist awards in Photographer’s Forum 30th, 31st, and 32nd Annual Photography Competitions. In March 2012, she had the opportunity to be a House Photographer for Miami International Fashion Week. Currently, she is composing her first cover design for Susan Violante’s novel Emerging from the Rubble.